Canadian Humanitarian Initiatives Committee

collaborative technology addressing humanitarian needs


Student Design Competition, 2010-2012

We are proud to welcome Canadian students to the HIC humanitarian student design competitions. The competitions are open to undergraduate and master students enrolled in college or university.

The spirit of this competition is to provide a venue for students to gain practical experience in improving or innovating on an existing design under some of the constrains and conditions they will face in industry.

Competition 2011-2012

We were planning on bringing back the Humanitarian Student Design competition; but we have decided to delay the competition by one year, to better align with university programs, to improve the benefit to participants, and to complete the roll-out of IEEE’s open source licensing for humanitarian projects. The result from our first competition were significant, and we intend to build on that solid foundaton.

Competition 2010-2011

Congratulations to the three finalist teams: First place, University of Villanova (Sustainable Solar). Second place, University of Waterloo (Boondocks). Third place, University of Waterloo (Light Followers).

The final student presentations took place during 24th Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering in Niagara Falls. They were preceded by two presentations: Solar Electric Systems for Remote Off-Grid Applications by Dr. Pritpal Singh, and Open Hardware for Humanitarian Applications by HIC’s chair Alfredo Herrera.